Many moons ago, four clans lived here. Then the battle with the Dark Forest happened. Not even the four cats of the prophecy couldn't stop them. Many cats were slain. Maybe...just maybe we could rebuild the clans. Will you help?
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Cat Name: Magnoliaflair

Tom or She-Cat: Tom

Familiarity with the series: umm read them all so far

Appearance: a Sphinx cat with purple eyes

Personality: Kindhearted and cares for others more than hiself

Origins: Once a kittypet

RP Sample (A short paragraph of how you would RP): Snap! The tom's ears twitched. A dash through dry leaves towards the west. Crouch back and.. Leap! Magnoliaflair pounced out of the bushes and landed on a plump mouse. He killed it cleanly and purred. "Not so bad for a no-furred cat,"he said with a chuckle.

Who are you on WCC? (only fill out if you are on there):snake
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Approved. =D
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