Many moons ago, four clans lived here. Then the battle with the Dark Forest happened. Not even the four cats of the prophecy couldn't stop them. Many cats were slain. Maybe...just maybe we could rebuild the clans. Will you help?
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 Layout of the camp.

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Layout of the camp. Empty
PostSubject: Layout of the camp.   Layout of the camp. EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 4:56 pm

The camp is full of lush trees and streams full of fish. In the camp, there is a nest of brambles which is where the nursery is. It is strongly reinforced. In other thickets are the elder's and leader's den. The medicine's den is behind a thornbush and overhangs the stream. The earth was washed away, leaving a pool in the roots and a hole in the bank. This is essential for the medicine cat who can store his/her supplies and get fresh water any time
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Layout of the camp.
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