Many moons ago, four clans lived here. Then the battle with the Dark Forest happened. Not even the four cats of the prophecy couldn't stop them. Many cats were slain. Maybe...just maybe we could rebuild the clans. Will you help?
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 Layout of the camp

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Layout of the camp Empty
PostSubject: Layout of the camp   Layout of the camp EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 4:53 pm

The camp is in a tangle of brambles, with low-hanging branches all around and above it. Many trees surround the camp.The entrance of the camp is through a thorn tunnel, and brambles. At the camp entrance is a large boulder, which cats have to slip past to enter the camp clearing. There is a clear progression of dens from one side of the clearing to the other which are all in bramble thickets. The nursery is first, then the apprentices, then warriors, then the leader, and finally the elders at the end of the circle. This structure enables the kits and elders closest to the low-hanging branches and the warriors facing the entrance, if any kind of trouble. The medicine den is in a far corner, beyond the leader's den. It is a sandy, hollowed-out floor covered in dried pine needles. There, the branches aren't so bunched together, letting the medicine cats examine the skies for omens. Above the leader's den, there is a hazel branch that hangs over. This serves as a kind of vantage point for the leader to address his or her Clan
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Layout of the camp
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