Many moons ago, four clans lived here. Then the battle with the Dark Forest happened. Not even the four cats of the prophecy couldn't stop them. Many cats were slain. Maybe...just maybe we could rebuild the clans. Will you help?
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 Tail Signals and flicks

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Tail Signals and flicks Empty
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Signal Meaning
Tail Held Erect Stop
Tail Rippling Move Forward Slowly
Tail Held Erect and Sweeping Slowly from Side to SideRetreat Silently
Tail Pointing Low, Parallel to the Ground and Sweeping Spread Out
Tail FlattenedGet Down
Tail Bobbing Enemy Sighted
Tail Hooked Danger
Tail Pointed Sharply Go That Way
Tail Held Erect and Waving from Side to Side Stay Behind Me
Tail Kinked over Back Follow Me
Tail Flicking over Back Leave, but Be Careful
Tail Tip Facing Other Way Attack

Flick and Meaning
A sharp flick and and agitated expression usally means the cat is annoyed, irritated, or impatient.
A bristle and a sharp flick of your tail usually means, "Get over here now! I'm angry with you!"
A flick and jerking your head in a certain direction means, "Meet me to the bushes at your left" or "Sneak out of camp with me through the brambles to the right."
If you call out to someone and their back is to you, they can flick their tail to show that they've heard.
Sticking your tail straight up in the air and flicking it sharply down means, "Sit!"
An eye-roll and a flick of the tail means, "Whatever."
A mrrow of laughter and a flick of a tail means, "That was a good joke."
Saying, "Oh, fox-dung, I gotta go!" and flicking your tail means, "Sorry! Talk to you later?" or "Yikes! I've gotta go use the dirtplace!"
Flicking your tail at a she-cat's belly and smiling means, "She's expecting kits!"
Flicking your tail at someone and making a face means, "What is wrong with him/her?"
A sharp flick of your tail during battle can mean two things; it can mean, "Attack!" or it can also mean, "Help me!"
A shrug followed by a tail flick means, "Oh well."
Putting a tail over another cat's mouth means "Shut up, mouse-brain!" when the flick/movement is sharp or "Please, quiet" when the cat is talking too much.

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Tail Signals and flicks
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